Working with us


Working with us

Working with us

Why work with us?

At ‘Flawless Skin Clinic’ we enjoy working together with like minded individuals and companies to offer high quality cosmetic procedures in a clinically safe & ethical manner.

We are always looking to expand the areas in which we conduct procedures and so will look to create partnerships with salons. In any given area we would team up with one salon to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Becoming our partner means you could offer your clients anti wrinkle treatments, fillers and other aesthetic medical procedures.

What will you gain?

High Standards

All treatments are done by fully qualified individuals, so rest assured that treatments are performed safely and to high standards.



We pride ourselves on reliability and professionalism. This gives you peace of mind that your salons’ good-standing will remain intact.


Passive Income

Start receiving an income from the procedures that we perform. This will increase your cashflow which can help with any upgrades or new marketing campaigns for your salon. The increased cashflow will also increase the business valuation of your salon!


New Clients

When starting in a new area we run a marketing campaign to attract new clients. This involves social media as well as conventional leaflet canvasing. New clients are more likely to use your salon for their beauty needs. An increased client base will lead to increased overall profits!


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